Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Highest Rated Wines At The Market!

Wine critics. You gotta love em - or not!
The 100 point wine rating scale used by most of the industry's wine critics is a major motivator for many wine buyers. Sometimes that's good, and drives business for the retailer. And sometimes it makes us crazy, because there are many great wines that don't get rated. Many very good value wines get 87-89 points, but are ignored because they do not get the coveted "90 points or higher".  And sometimes, we just don't agree with the critics ratings. But we get caught up in the very highest ratings like everyone else does. So, just for fun, here's a list of the highest rated wines at the Market, and, in most cases, their equally high prices. All ratings are from Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate.
The 97 Pointers
2008 Achaval Ferrer Consulta - $115
2006 Sandrone Cannubi Barolo - $300 (this is a magnum size equal to 2 regular size bottles)

The 98 Pointers
2007 Catena Zapata Nicolas Cabernet - $115
2007 Dominus - $140
2008 Peter Michael "Les Pavots" - $172

The 99 Pointers
2008 Royal City Syrah - $145
2008 Dominus - $160

Our 100 Pointer
2007 Verite "Le Desir" - $275


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wine - And Baseball!

Play Ball!!
Now that the games have started and we have one win in the bank, it's time to plan our world series wine drinking.
Last night we started things off with the 2007 Ramey Cabernet Sauvignon, $44 - very yummy.
Now, I predict the series will go 6 games with the good guys winning it all right here in St. Louis.
Game 2:  2009  Eric Kent Sarapo Chardonnay, $22
Game 3:  2005 Red Car Cuvee 22 Syrah, $50
Game 4:  2008 Trimbach Riesling, $21
Game 5:  2009 Robert Foley "The Griffin", $39
Game 6:  2008 Sheridan Mystique and NV Aubry Brut Champagne
All selections subject to change - just because.

Go Cards!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Breakfast For Dinner - Again. What Wine to drink?

Another late night at the Market means either leftovers or breakfast for dinner.  GO CARDS!  Let's see, about 4 oz of a filet and a half of a potato from the other night won't make much of a meal for two people. GO CARDS!!
So Judy began working her magic with the ingredients at hand and some eggs. What emerged was a wonderful steak omelet supported by mushrooms, onions, bits of bacon and a dab of brie. The potato was sliced, re-roasted and served along side. GO CARDS!!!
This was really, really good! Loads of earthy flavors were on this plate and it pleaded for a complimentary wine.
The Wine: 2009 Domaine Vernay Syrah (Northern Rhone)  Available at the Market for $25.



Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tom's Favorite Grape - You Might Be Surprised!

I didn't sleep much last night. I was fretting over what my favorite grape varietal is. Okay, I'm a nut case, I know, but this is a life altering decision for me.
For years I've been a Napa Cabernet guy - no question. But now, this is tough, but, I have to say my favorite varietal is Syrah!
I'm amazed by how many personalities this noble grape can have: the brooding fruit bombs of Australia, the minerally, meaty wines of Northern Rhone and the earth driven, spicy Syrah based wines of Italy are all wonderful.
And domestic Syrah? California and Washington winemakers are producing some of the highest quality, highest rated wines ever - and they are amazing values when compared to Napa Cabernet.
Favorite producers: Guigal, Mollydooker, Big Basin, Jaffurs and Saxum.
There - I said it. Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight.