Friday, March 1, 2013

Comfort Wines For A Snowy Day!

It's been over two weeks since I've had anything to drink, and I have another month to go.
So, do I miss my wine?
$#@&!!, YEAH!!
Oh, I'm not in any pain or anything. There's no withdrawal to speak of. But, let me tell ya ... last week, when we had a fantastic surf and turf dinner of fillet Mignon and giant prawns .... I really, really wanted a nice Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon to enjoy with the food.
So, I have to find material other than my personal wine experiences to write about here.
Let's look to Kansas City, where my daughter, Becky and her husband, Paul live with their two daughters, Grace (3 1/2) and Kathryn (almost 1).
You may have heard that KC got hit with quite a bit of snow lately. Within a week, my kids got dumped with 10" and about 8" of the stuff. What to drink - what to drink?
The snow happened during the week, so you're not gonna crack open any expensive stuff.
Now Becky's not much of a drinker, although she does appreciate a good wine. How could she be my daughter otherwise.
But Paul. Paul is a another story. Let's just say, I may have been a bad (good?) influence on Paul.
Let's get to the wine. Paul selected two  reds - big on comfort and great on value.
2009 Forth Syrah - $15
2010 Barrel 27 Rock & Hard Place Grenache - $18
These are really amazing wines, especially for the money. There is nothing more satisfying than finding truly great wines at these price levels.
And now, this proud grandpa is going to shamelessly post a picture of granddaughter Grace playing in the snow.
My blog.


PS: I'm betting Paul had a few sips of Single Malt Scotch, too.

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