Friday, March 8, 2013

Important Women In The World of Wine!

My wife, Judy, sends me lots of ideas and articles to use in my blogs.
Although I really appreciate her efforts, I probably use only about 10% of what she sends.
I'm not really sure if I'm offending her with that low acceptance rate, because she never comments or complains.
She's a good wife.
But, help me here, guys! How can I possibly ignore an article titled: "Women Winemakers Who Changed the World"?
One word:  "I can't".
I'm copying the link to the article below. It's an interesting read that references some of the great women in the industry. For example: Zelma Long: Mondavi, Cathy Corison: Corison (Cabernet), Chiara Boschis: Pira & Figli (Barolo) and Veronique Drouhin: Drouhin (Burgundy and Oregon).
But let's focus on The Wine Market.
I am very proud of the women that have visited The Market and poured their wines for our customers. My apologies to those I will miss, because I am just going from memory,  but man, (or should I say "woman"!) this is a pretty impressive list.
Katharina Prum: JJ Prum, Francesca Vaira: Vajra, Gaia Gaja: Gaja.
Just this past week we had Kelly Kehoe Foley from Robert Foley Wines and Jann Forth from Forth Winery visit The Market. Next week we have Nasim Momtazi from Maysara Winery. 
Looking forward to more great "wine women" visiting The Market in the months ahead!


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